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5 Ways to Look After Your Joints as You Age

5 Ways to Look After Your Joints as You Age

The joint is a connector between bones that prevents them from rubbing. They enable us to move, bend, and twist. Joints get damaged or cause discomfort over some time with age, which may lead to a chronic condition like arthritis.

Taking care of your joints at early will help you minimize the chances of joint problems when you grow old. However, you can visit the Memorial Hospital, the famous hospital in Sonipat for your joint-related issue but taking precautionary measures is always a good idea.

By age, we tend to lose muscle mass and the cushioning between joints thinned down results into grinding of bones.

While you can’t bring what has already gone but taken preventive measures to control the beginning of joint pain is what we can do.

Orthopedic doctors at Joint hospital in Sonipat have summarized a few tips to protect your joints, the cartilages that support joints as you age:

Quit your smoking habit

Smoking increases inflammation in your body, which causes joint pain. Smoking makes it harder for an injury to heal and recover. Smoking fogs the brain and the patient does not feel pain initially which might progress towards the critical condition. For example, a patient with osteoarthritis can aggravate the pain by smoking.

Stay hydrated while replacing calorie drinks with water

Stay away from alcohol, sugary drinks, and juices and instead adapt to water drinking habits to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water is essential but do you know that if your water intake is not proper your joints will weaken. A joint specialist at our famous hospital in Sonipat says that our body in the absence of proper water nutrition sucks water from cartilages and other parts of the body to hydrate itself.

Shed off those extra pounds

The more your weigh, the more your joints feel pressure especially in legs and lower back. Your joints can sustain a certain amount of weight and beyond that cause inflammation in joints. Consult a dietician or physician at our famous hospital in Sonipat for a personalized diet plan and exercise schedule to keep your weight in check.

Our doctors suggest regular exercise including yoga, walk, swimming, and cycling to keep those extras kilos in control.

Maintain the right posture

It is very important to keep your body posture correct while exercising, sitting, lifting, or doing any activity. Bad posture puts the high risk of joints in the long run. Keep your spine straight and shoulders aligned to avoid possible chances of joint pain. Do not forget to stretch pre and post-workout for optimum health of your joints.

Never ignore our body signals

Understand the difference in muscle pain due to exercise and joint pain after exercise. If the pain goes away after a few days due to a strenuous exercise schedule then there is no cause of worry. While, if the pain persists in joints even after a few days, then you must visit our joint specialist at in Memorial hospital in Sonipat for proper diagnosis, advice, and treatment.

To conclude further

Bones are the basic structure of our body, and joints keep those bones functioning, which smoothen your mobility. Taking proper care of your joints might help in alleviating several issues that might trouble you when you get older.

Be pro-active towards your joint health to stabilize your overall health. Rest we have the best treatments with us to treat your joint problems. Are you among those people who don’t think much about their joints until they start hurting? If yes then start taking care of your joints long before any kind of joint disorder or pain.

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