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Advantages and Disadvantages of Consuming Caffeine

Advantages and Disadvantages of Consuming Caffeine

We all consume caffeine in forms like tea, coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolates, etc. Maybe because of this massive intake of caffeine, this supplement appears to be surrounded by more confusion and misconceptions than any other. Caffeine is amongst the most studied compounds on the planet, so there is some credible evidence available to obtain some valid information. Although much of the research refers to caffeine’s safety and even potential benefits, however, there are a couple of scientific reports demonstrating the harmful side effects of caffeine. The impact of struggling from any of the adverse effects of caffeine is reduced by being aware of how much should be consumed individually on a regular basis. So, caffeine being an integral part of our daily life, understanding the pros and cons of this natural drug is beneficial.

Advantages of consuming caffeine:

  1. Energy: One of the biggest reasons why people consume this is because it gives them energy. Besides this, it improves the performance at work, and also a reasonable consumption of this substance often improves mental health.
  2. Increases focus: An intake of 2-3 cups of caffeine a day helps you concentrate and increases your mental attention. Not only this, studies have shown that it also reduces the overall death due to any reason.
  3. Long term health benefits: According to the research daily coffee drinkers have lower rates of heart disease, liver disease, Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and more, contrary to the myth that coffee causes long-term damage to your health.
  4. Caffeine helps people with Asthma: A research by U.S. national library of medicine shows that consumption of caffeine helps clear air passages and help asthma sufferers breathe more effectively like Theophylline, which are a commonly used drug and a close relative of caffeine.
  5. Reduces risk of diabetes: Caffeine lowers the risk of developing diabetes and can also help to decrease insulin sensitivity in diabetics who frequently drink it.

Disadvantages of consuming caffeine:

  1. Causes insomnia: Studies have shown drinking caffeine within 6 hours of your going to bed interferes with sleep. The suggested amount of caffeine is 400mg, the amount you can have from 4 shots of espresso. Unless you are susceptible to caffeine, be careful of its consumption. You are likely aware of what quantity and what kind of coffee matches, or is not appropriate for you. The amount of caffeine that is appropriate for human use is also encoded in our DNA.
  2. Can cause indigestion: People who intake caffeinated drinks often experience stomach discomfort or indigestion. This also happens when the fluids are drunk on an empty belly.
  3. Raises blood pressure: This is the case with the people struggling from hypertension and doesn’t intake caffeine. Persons with hypertension were given 250 mg of caffeine i.e. about 2 coffees, and the results showed that their blood pressure was increased after caffeine for about 2-3 hours.
  4. Overdose: While overdoses are uncommon, it can cause many negative impacts including death, particularly in those with serious medical conditions.
  5. Not every caffeine is the same: Some research on coffee’s health benefits apply to black coffee. The sugar and carbs in coffees, sodas, soft drinks, and caffeinated candies, particularly on a regular basis, are not beneficial for health. And while tea has its own advantages, it does not share all of the coffee’s advantages and does not contain almost as much caffeine.

Conclusion: The caffeine controversy persists, it is crucial to highlight that, for various reasons, caffeine broke down between individuals at different levels. It is difficult to say if you will reap the advantages of it, claimed by some research. But one thing is for sure i.e. if you have a disorder that might trigger caffeine, it is essential to seek the best hospital near you.

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