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Every Information You require Regarding Menstrual Problems

Every Information You require Regarding Menstrual Problems

To understand a female body and the problems which come with it are a tough job and not everyone can give you the details about this subject. A lot of women face the problem of menstruations also known as periods. Menstrual problems need proper treatment and one must take proper precautions after their treatment. Menstruation plays a vital role in a female’s life because the waste of blood flows out of a  female’s vagina every 24 days.

If you are facing menstrual problems or you know someone who is facing this problem should visit a gynaecologist. Get in touch with the best gynaecologist in Sonipat like Dr Amandeep Kaur now and get proper treatment for menstrual problems. Let us gather information about menstrual problems in brief.

Menstrual Problems- The Meaning:

Periods can cause a lot of problems to females like pain, lack of interest and mood swings etc. Some women face fatigue and mild to severe cramps before and during the periods but these symptoms are common and can be overcome as your period goes. Menstrual problems occur when your periods don’t come for 2-3 month also known as irregular periods, excessive bleeding or very less bleeding does fall under menstrual problems.

This may happen that you get a period every 24-25 days but at the same, some women don’t, this may be a problem for them but not for you. Our diet and other external and internal factors play an important role in menstrual cycles. It is always a great suggestion to talk to a gynaecologist if you have an irregular menstrual cycle.

Let us see why menstrual problems occur in some females in brief.

1. Lack of iron:

Iron is responsible for blood in the human body. Lack of iron can cause the body to produce less blood which may result in very nominal bleeding from the uterus. If your body has low iron consistency then you may face the problem of menstruation. You can take iron supplements from the market and consume them with your regular diet, to create more and more red blood cells in the body.

2. Irritating periods:

By irritating periods here it means feeling pain and itching during your period every month. Cramps can make periods worse and heavy and light flow of blood can create an issue for your body at the same time. Consult a gynaecologist as soon as possible if you see severe cramps and pain during your menstrual cycle.

3. Endometriosis:

Endometriosis is a gyne disease in which tissue grows outside the uterus. This problem can cause an irregular menstrual cycle and cause pain at the same time. With professional diagnosis and treatment, this disease can be cured.

4. Diet:

Our body is what we eat in a day and what exercises we do to stay in shape. If you consume fresh vegetables, fruits and pulses in your diet, then there are very fewer chances of menstrual problems. But if you depend more on ready-to-eat food items and fast food, it may also cause irregular periods. Make sure you have a diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other important food elements.

Ways To Diagnose Menstrual Problems:

There are several ways through which one can diagnose menstrual problems with the help of a gynaecologist or by herself at home. Let us see those ways very quickly. 

●      Irregular monthly cycle or missing periods for 2-3 months.

●      Visit a gynaecologist and ask for a proper check-up.

●      Go for pelvic exams so that the gynaecologist will get to know about the reason for your menstrual problems in depth.

●      A blood test.

●      Endometrial biopsy & hysteroscopy

Common Types Of Menstrual Problems That A Female Is Likely To Face:

Let us see the 3 types of menstrual problems that a female can face during her periods very quickly.

●      A girl is 16 or over and doesn’t get her periods, this may happen because of diet, weight fluctuation and hormonal imbalance in her body are known as Amenorrhea. It is one of the most common types of menstrual problems in females.

●      Excessive pain during and before periods which cause cramps, loose motion and vomiting can be another menstrual problem in females. This problem is known as Dysmenorrhea and it is very common these days.

●      Excessive bleeding during the periods is also a symptom of menstrual problems which one should not ignore. It can make a female feel weak because of excessive blood loss and it is known as Menorrhagia.

Precautions To Take If You Are Suffering From Menstrual Problems:

There are a few precautions that one must take when they are suffering from menstrual problems. With the right preventive measures at right time, one can cure and treat their period problems. Let us see what precautions one should take during the time of menstrual problems in brief.

●      Reduce the consumption of alcohol and stop smoking.

●       Eat healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits.

●      Do proper exercises and prefer doing meditation.

●      Drink warm drinks during your periods.

●      Use a heating pad.

●      Drink as much water you can.


Don’t ignore such problems. If you have a symptom or you are just ignoring your health, do not neglect it any further. Get treatment for menstrual issues from the best hospital in Sonipat. Never ignore menstrual problems as they may create trouble in pregnancy, meet Dr. Amandeep Kaur at Memorial Hospital Sonipat and get treatment from her. With the help of her guidance and her team’s support, one can overcome the problems of improper menstruation.