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Important Things To Know If You Are Overweight And Trying To Conceive

Important Things To Know If You Are Overweight And Trying To Conceive

Becoming a mother for the first time is one of the most significant moments of a woman’s life. That happiness cannot be compared with any joy in the entire world. You are giving birth to a person who is your creation of love and bond with your partner and raising him or her up with the time. If you plan to conceive a baby and are overweight, then there are specific points that you need to keep in mind. For the best hospital in Sonipat for baby delivery, visit Memorial Hospital, Sonipat.

Your baby will be strong and healthy if you opt for a healthy lifestyle before you plan to conceive a child. In India, a lot of women could not conceive a child because of their poor lifestyle choice. Each woman is trying to conceive should know that your baby is what you eat and how healthy you are mentally and physically. At Memorial Hospital, Sonipat, our gynecologist Dr. Amandeep Kaur will provide you with the proper guidance throughout your pregnancy period, that is, pre, during, and post-pregnancy.

Let us see how one can conceive a child if they are overweight and what precautions they should take during their pregnancies in detail.

Do you fall under the overweight category?

There are specific ways that can make a person fall into the overweight category. With excessive weight issues, you can face several medical problems and diseases. But let us see whether you fall under the category of overweight women or not.

Body mass index tells us whether the person is fit, overweight, or obese. 25 and more body mass index indicates that you are an overweight person and people whose body mass index is more than 30 are considered to be suffering from obesity. The average and healthy body mass index of a person is between 18.5 to 24.9 according to BMI.

The best way to reduce your BMI is simply by doing exercises and eating no junk foods. It will not detoxify your body but it will also make your body healthy. A lot of people try to diet or skip meals which is a bad habit. One should eat but in little portions and consume more and more fruits and vegetables. If you are planning to conceive then you should not consume alcohol and should also try to avoid eating junk foods.

Obesity comes with medical illness and numerous problems that can be dangerous for you and for your child. So try taking good care of your diet and eat fresh food only.  For more information on pregnancy, you can contact Dr. Amandeep Kaur of Memorial Hospital, Sonipat.

Medical issues to consider if you are overweight and planning to conceive a baby:

There are certain reasons which tell why a person is overweight. Some factors are external and some factors are internal. A proper check-up can help your doctor find out why your excessive weight and further you can plan out to conceive a baby. Let us see some of the reasons for being overweight in detail. Hormonal disbalance:

  • Hormonal disbalance:

A lot of people gain sudden weight because of hormonal disbalance and this is also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome in women. Women in this case gain sudden weight and find it difficult to lose the same weight eventually. This problem can lead to an imbalance in your period cycle and it becomes difficult for a woman to conceive a baby. But with the right guidance and treatment, one can treat PCOS at Memorial Hospital, Sonipat only.

  • Toxemia:

It is high blood pressure inside a body at the time of pregnancy and it can be dangerous for a woman. Toxemia is dangerous for mother and child at the same time and starts after 20 weeks pregnancy period. If you are overweight then you are at a higher risk of toxemia during your pregnancy according to gynecolgist. At Memorial Hospital, Sonipat our specialist will guide you properly, so that you won’t face any complications during the time of your pregnancy. Visit famous gynecolgist in Sonipat at Memorial Hospital, Sonipat.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy period if you are overweight:

There are numerous tips and tricks through which you can lower down the risk of pregnancy if your body mass index is more than 25. At Memorial Hospital, Sonipat, we provide proper guidance to our patients and help you to deliver a healthy baby. Let us have a look at some of the best tips for a healthy pregnancy if you are overweight very quickly.

  • Have a healthy and diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as it will harm your baby
  • Do meditation and exercises only if suggested by your gynecologist
  • Try to maintain your weight.


Follow the above-mentioned tips during the time of your pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. If you are having trouble conceiving a baby because you are overweight, try to cut-off foods with a lot of sugar in them. Go and visit Memorial Hospital, Sonipat and get your treatment done from there. We use the latest technology-based equipment and our specialists have experience of years.

Visit the best hospital in Sonipat that is Memorial Hospital, Sonipat, and deliver a healthy baby.