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Medical Treatment Of Ovarian Cyst With Surgery From The Best Gynecologist

Medical Treatment Of Ovarian Cyst With Surgery From The Best Gynecologist

A woman can give birth to another human, which is nothing less than a miracle. For a healthy pregnancy, it is important to have a healthy ovary. As the female body has two ovaries and they play a very important role in female reproduction. An ovarian cyst is one of the most common issues that a woman can face before, during, and after pregnancy. And if not taken proper care of, it can lead to some serious disease. For choosing the best gynecologist in Sonipat, visit us and treat ovarian cysts now.

We are well known for providing the best possible surgery for the ovarian cyst. Dr. Amandeep Kaur is a well-experienced gynecologist who specializes in the treatment of gyne problems i.e. major and minor. In most cases, ovarian cyst doesn’t require many medications and it disappears after a few weeks. But as exceptions are there, it can create a problem for you during the pregnancy period or while having intercourse with your partner. We ensure that you get proper treatment without any hassles.

Let us understand what ovarian cyst means and two common types of it in detail.

What is an ovarian cyst?

An ovarian cyst is one of the most common gyne problems in ladies and it usually disappears on its own but in several serious cases, one has to go through surgery. In an ovarian cyst, a pocket either solid or fluid is present on the body’s inner side near the ovaries and sometimes on the outer side.  

Types of ovarian cyst?

Commonly there are two types of ovarian cyst, let us have a look at those two types very quickly.

  • Pathological cysts:

Anyone can have this type of ovarian cyst and it happens because of the unwanted growth of a cell. This can grow large and can also stop the blood flow of ovaries, which may cause you problems. In most cases, they are prone to cancers but some may be cancerous too.

  • Functional cysts:

In a functional cyst, a sac appears on the outside area of the ovaries and it contains an egg and it will disappear eventually after the egg is gone. If the sag remains in the outer area then you may feel pain and will face the problem of constipation.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst:

There are some common symptoms of ovarian cyst that you will see if you suffer from this problem. Let us have a quick view of those symptoms.

●      Constipation

●      Pain in the lower stomach area

●      Bloating and swelling of the abdomen

●      Increase of urine

●      Disbalance in the menstrual cycle

●      Pregnancy issues

●      Intercourse will be painful

Two best treatment for ovarian cyst:

There are numerous ways through which you can treat an ovarian cyst. If the stage is minor then it can be treated with pills and medications etc. But if there are pain and the above-mentioned symptoms that one sees for a longer time, then contact your gynecologist immediately. In the majority of the cases, cysts disappear after a couple of weeks and if not then the gynecologist has to perform medical treatments like surgery, etc.

Good hospitals perform only two types of ovarian cysts treatment with the latest technology-based equipment and a professional team of gynecologists and nurses. Let us have a look at those two treatment types very quickly.

  • Laparotomy treatment for ovarian cysts:

This treatment is performed when the cyst is very big and filled with fluid or solid and the best gynecologist will always suggest you go through this surgery. In this, the surgeon cuts your lower area of the abdomen, so that they can clearly see the cyst and then he or she will remove the ovarian cyst. In some cases, they remove the ovary, and then they do stitches.

A person who undergoes this surgery has to stay for rest for a few weeks and then by that time they can do their daily tasks. After that, they send the cyst to the lab to check whether the cyst is infectious or not. If it is infectious then they remove ovaries and areas which are covered by ovaries for your safety.

  • Laparoscopic treatment:

People go for this treatment mostly because it causes less pain and through it, one can cure ovaries cyst. The surgeon will make little cuts on your abdomen so that the laparoscope can pass through your stomach and show your body’s internal area. The gas is pumped through your pelvic area which helps to push up your ovaries towards the lower abdomen. The cyst will be removed through the small cuts and stitches will be done soon after that. And this treatment is done with general anesthesia.

Trust the best doctors and you will be in safe hands!