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Choose Vaginal Birth After A C-Section (VBAC) As Delivery Option

Top Reasons To Choose Vaginal Birth After A C-Section (VBAC) As Delivery Option

Becoming a mother is one of the best experiences a woman can feel. Being a mother is not an easy task, one has to look after their newborn kid and their body, etc. Due to some complications and various reasons a woman gives birth to a child through a C-Section delivery method.

It is important to consider a professional and best gynecologist for baby delivery because they know it well and can guide you professionally. Get the best gynecologist in Sonipat at Memorial Hospital Sonipat, and take guidance from them whether to give a vaginal birth after a C-Section birth. It is an important thing to consider whether you can give vaginal birth to a child even though you have given a C-Section delivery. There are certain factors to consider before you opt for a vaginal birth after a C-Section delivery and it may not suit everyone.

Memorial Hospital, Sonipatis one of the best hospitals in Sonipat city. Dr. Amandeep Kaur is one of the best and professional gynecologists at Memorial Hospital, Sonipat having experience of years in obstetrics and gynecology. She provides her patients of any age with top-notch quality services and is specialized in high-risk pregnancies. We at Memorial Hospital, Sonipat provide A level services to our patients and treat them like our family members. Our main motive is to provide quality services to our patients and to treat their illness with ease. Let us see why one should opt for a vaginal birth after a C-Section as a delivery option very quickly.

Reasons to choose VBAC for your second delivery:

There are several reasons which state why a woman should go for a vaginal birth after a cesarean. Let us have a look at those reasons very quickly.

  1. VBAC helps in the next delivery with fewer complications: Cesarean delivery has its cons as if you want a family of more than two kids, then you can not always opt for a cesarean delivery option. As the majority of us know C-Section leaves a cut around the stomach area and if you keep on going for the C-Section delivery option then it may become difficult to operate for the doctors. At Memorial Hospital, Sonipat we give the right information to our patients and guide them properly so that they can choose the best option according to their requirements. We are having a team of specialists who will make your delivery process quite easy and less painful.
  • It is cost-effective and the healing period is short: One of the best reasons to go for vaginal delivery after a C-Section is that it is cost-effective and the healing period is short. C-Section delivery requires a lot of time in recovery but this is not the case with vaginal delivery. One can perform their daily routine tasks and return to their work in a couple of days. Memorial Hospital, Sonipatwill guide you throughout your pre, post, and during pregnancy period. A vaginal delivery option is cost-effective in comparison to the C-Section delivery option.
  • Fewer chances of getting infections: Vaginal delivery option is safe and the chances of getting infections are very less. There will be less bleeding, less blood clotting, and low chances of injury to the stomach if you go for vaginal delivery. It also depends on a woman whether she wants to deliver a baby through C-Section or vaginal delivery option. Some women say that vaginal delivery is less painful than a C-Section delivery and vice versa. At Memorial Hospital, Sonipatwe will guide you with every step and will make sure that you get the best treatment.

VBAC may not be suitable for women who have the following symptoms:

Let us discuss some points which state why a VBAC won’t be suitable for you:

  • A deep and high cut in the uterine area because of the past delivery.
  • Had gone through a vaginal surgery in the past.
  • Not for a woman who is pregnant with twin babies.
  • If the uterine wall is broken during the past delivery time.


Vaginal delivery is less complicated than a C-Section delivery option as said by few experts. If you have a uterine rupture or a deep cut in the uterine then vaginal delivery is not an appropriate option for yourself. Contact Memorial Hospital, Sonipat for the best gynecologist in Sonipat, and get your treatment done from us only. 

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