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Top Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During This Global Pandemic

Top Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During This Global Pandemic?

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has let people experience the worry and strain from getting infected from this virus, issues regarding the work-life, financial worries, and feeling of imprisonment. All these things contribute to negativity and thus influences our lives. The lockdown and self-isolation have snatched the way we used to live our lives. Blending in these changes is not easy for all of us as it blocks our normal life and asks us to create a new life. So, instead of getting negative why don’t we utilize this time to get the most of ourselves. So, here in this post, I am going to discuss the top ways to take care of your mental health during this pandemic.

  1. Exercise: Exercise is important to keep our mind and body healthy. Medical studies have shown that daily exercise releases chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, that are as efficient as antidepressants or psychotherapy medicines to treat milder depression. We all know that gyms are not available these days so, it is good to exercise at home to remain healthy. Reserve 30-40 minutes a day to perform yoga or functional fitness exercises. You should climb the stairs and do several sets of walking up and down if you don’t have access to free weights or yoga mats. Besides, when we exercise our body releases a hormone called endorphins which helps to keep our mood optimistic. Doing dance, aerobic, or cardio exercise is also a good option.
  2. Do things that you like most to divert your mind: To unload your worries and fear, it is good to write down your feelings. Apart from this, you can try to keep you busy learning new skills or going for a walk. There are a lot of options that you can opt to do at home like painting, reading books about your taste, playing with family members, cooking, cleaning, etc. Reorganizing and tossing or recycling items that you no longer need is a very good idea to use the spare time if you have it. You needn’t really be fantastic doing these things. Sometimes doing things just for fun is also important.
  3. Stay Positive It is completely ok if you don’t like to do anything. Look about yourself, focus on your health. Tell yourself, “What I’m doing is enough. During these tough times, you have to take some practical steps to stay positive. First, you need to adopt a work plan throughout the day, including maintaining an appropriate mealtime and routine for sleep. If we mess too much with the circadian rhythm of our body, it can increase the levels of stress. Moreover, look at yourself in the mirror and say encouraging things like ‘You are great’, ‘you can do anything’, and ‘You’re going to get through this’ as you wash your face in the morning. This may sound dumb but it will boost your self-confidence. Smiling while looking at the mirror also helps you remain positive.
  4. Minimize the usage of phones: As we all are locked up indoors, so we are more getting prone to our mobiles to see what others are doing. Well, this is good but in small doses. Excessive usage of phones can be highly harmful. Always active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc will lose you in the world of the fool and contribute to unhealthy comparisons. Furthermore, if you are trapped in a state away from your family and are living alone during this pandemic, watching others enjoying with their family can make you feel ignored. Remember that this situation won’t last forever and you are not alone. So, try to keep yourself busy. You can learn skills, join any free online course, or talk to the one you love over the phone. These things let you stay positive, regardless of how hard it might seem. 
  5. Healthy diet: During the present situation, discomfort is likely to increase but a properly fed body is better at handling anxiety. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, consuming typical plant-based food, often referred to as theanti-depression diets, such as whole grains, vegetables, bananas, berries, nuts, seeds, and olive oil help taking care of your mental wellbeing.
  6. A good sleep: According to research, ninety percent of the depressed people are battling with sleep. Quality sleep is essential and works as an overnight therapy. It also effectively raises the chance to handle strong emotions. Have 8 hours of sleep, take a hot bath, avoid using the phone before 2 hours of going to bed will also help you in relieving stress.  Furthermore, stop going to bed too late. Sleep on time, especially before 12 am and wake up by 8-9 am. Going late to bed has a negative effect on the release of serotonin, a crucial hormone that stabilizes your mood and feelings. Exercise also plays an important role in quality sleep.
  7. Be helpful: Being kind is one of the greatest things that we can do for our humanity. Studies have shown that helping others, even a small act has a strong and lasting mental health benefit. And having a feeling of being intent has also shown to help people heal and develop strength from traumatic events. People who fortunate enough to be safe right now, try seeking ways to support someone in this sort of situation are potentially really helpful for your own health.    

Conclusion: Passing time indoors is difficult but don’t beat yourself up if things are not going well in the house. Over and above, getting angry with yourself is absolutely harmful. If you feel like you’re not emerging from all this, get in touch with the best hospital near you, or luckily, online consultation is allowed these days and you can use online consultation if you are frustrated by some mood or behavioral change. Note there is no well-being without mental well-being.

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